Alacer Gold believes in the importance of a strong board and the highest standards of corporate governance to direct and manage the affairs of our Corporation.

Terms of Reference and Policies

Audit Committee Terms of ReferenceJune 22, 2015220.42 KB Download
Board of Directors Terms of ReferenceJune 22, 2015143.26 KB Download
Chairman of the Board Terms of ReferenceJune 22, 201589.40 KB Download
Chief Executive Officer Terms of ReferenceJune 22, 2015165.35 KB Download
Compensation Committee Terms of ReferenceJune 22, 2015120.43 KB Download
Corporate Governance and Nominations Committee Terms of ReferenceJune 22, 2015379.77 KB Download
Environmental, Health, Safety & Sustainability Committee Terms of ReferenceJune 22, 201543.25 KB Download


Code of Business Conduct and EthicsJune 22, 2015241.07 KB Download
Community Relations PolicyJune 22, 2015127.31 KB Download
Disclosure PolicyJune 22, 2015176.84 KB Download
Diversity PolicyJune 22, 2015100.60 KB Download
Environment PolicyJune 22, 201584.46 KB Download
Foreign Corrupt Practices Act PolicyJune 22, 2015156.39 KB Download
Health and Safety PolicyJune 22, 2015141.05 KB Download
Insider Trading PolicyJune 22, 2015173.39 KB Download
Land Access and Resettlement PolicyJune 22, 2015141.91 KB Download
Whistleblower PolicyJune 22, 2015171.22 KB Download